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Test Your Knowledge On Nutrition

Test Your Knowledge On Nutrition

How nutrition savvy are you?

Do you know which fruits have the most sugar? Which cereals have the most fiber? Which adult beverage is most likely to ruin your calorie count?

Trying to eat healthy and lose weight can be challenging enough with all of the misinformation distributed by food companies. Don’t make it even harder on yourself by not knowing what you’re eating.

Take the following quiz to see how much you know about calorie counting.

1. Which has more calories, a glazed donut of a plain bagel?

Answer: The plain bagel has 320 calories compared to 260 for the donut. And that’s before you add butter, cream cheese or jelly to the bagel.

2. Which slice of pizza has the most calories: Pizza Hut meat lovers, Dominos cheese or Costco Food Court cheese?

Answer: The Costo slice has an overwhelming 700 calories! The Pizza Hut slice is also pretty heavy at 480 calories. The Dominos slice comes in at 210.

3. Which fruit has the most calories, an apple, orange, banana or pear?

Answer: 81 for the pear, 72 for the banana, 53 for the apple and 45 for the orange.

4. How about vegetables? 1 small sweet potato, 1 small tomato, 1 broccoli spear or 1 celery stalk?

Answer: The sweet potato has 54 calories, followed by the broccoli with 13, the tomato with 3 and the celery with 1.

5. Which adult beverage adds the most calories to your dinner: red wine, white wine, regular beer or lite beer?

Answer: The beer at about 150 calories tops the list. Red wine is second at 130, followed by white wine at 120 and lite beer at about 90.

6. Which cereal serving is highest in calories: Corn Flakes, Special K or Lucky Charms?

Answer: Lucky Charms has 147 calories (but does have 3 grams of fiber), followed by Special K at 120 calories (almost no fiber) and Corn Flakes at 76 calories (1 gram of fiber).

7. And finally, which cookie packs the most calories: 4 Oreos, 4 Thin Mints or 4 Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies?

Answer: the Chips Ahoy tops the list with 190 calories (and 3 grams of sugar). Oeros and Thin Mints are tied with 160 calories each (14 grams of sugar for Oreos, 10 for Thin Mints).

Knowledge is a powerful thing. Do your research, read labels and know what you’re eating before you eat it.

Knowledge is a powerful thing. Do your research, read labels and know what you’re eating before you eat it.

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