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Make 2016 The Year You Achieve Your Goals

If you want to make sure 2016 is the year you accomplish all your health and fitness goals, keep these things in mind: • It’s not about how you start; it’s about how you finish. Make sure the determination you feel now stays with you in the spring, the summer and at...

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Make A Healthy Life, Not Excuses

Every time someone chooses the status quo over a healthier life, one of several excuses is trotted out to justify the decision. Here are four common excuses that need to be put to rest once and for all: 1. “I don’t have time to exercise.” There are 168 hours in a...

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10 Mistakes Preventing You From Getting The Body You Want

If you’re having trouble reaching certain health and fitness goals, chances are you’re falling short in the areas of nutrition or exercise. It’s likely that you’re making one (or more) of the following mistakes: 1. You do the wrong exercises. Sure, you go to the gym...

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Bust Through Plateaus With Proven Techniques

When you begin a new workout program, especially if you haven't exercised in a while, results are immediate and inspiring. If only you could replicate your first-week results week after week after week. Unfortunately, our bodies adapt quickly to the rigors of a hard...

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Don’t Fall For Fitness Myths

When it comes to achieving health and fitness goals, it pays to be careful where you get your advice and which tips you choose to follow. Unfortunately, there’s a good bit of misinformation out there, including some long-time “fitness myths” that are still being...

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Don’t Fall Into The Same Old Routine

For many of life's endeavors, routines can help you reach goals. Having a routine at work can minimize wasted time and allow you to get projects done faster. Following a routine in sports can put you in the right frame of mind to perform at your best. But when it...

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