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Keep A Food Log To Lose Weight

It turns out that the two best tools for weight loss aren’t diet pills and a scale, but rather a pen and paper. Researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle studied the eating and exercise habits of 123 overweight women. The researchers found...

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Exercise Can Save Your Life

Need another reason to start exercising? Not doing so may kill you. Physical inactivity causes about 5.3 million premature deaths annually worldwide, according to a study conducted at the Harvard Medical School. That’s one out of every 11 premature deaths. And that...

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To See Changes, You Must Make Changes

Most people desire change: changes to their bodies, changes on the scale, changes in their lives that make them happier and healthier. However, most people also resist and fear making changes: changes that lead to better bodies, changes that lower the number on the...

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Test Your Knowledge On Nutrition

How nutrition savvy are you? Do you know which fruits have the most sugar? Which cereals have the most fiber? Which adult beverage is most likely to ruin your calorie count? Trying to eat healthy and lose weight can be challenging enough with all of the misinformation...

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Don’t Take A Vacation From Exercise In The Summer

You’ve worked hard all winter and spring to get in shape and get your body ready for the beach. Now that summer is here, it’s time to kick back, relax and show off that body. Right? Wait. Not so fast. While summer is a great time to enjoy life and rest your toes in...

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You Can’t Get A Better Body By Wishing For It

Did you ever look at a crystal-clear pool, get the urge to go for a swim, then dip your foot in the water and decide it’s too cold? I recently met with a new gym member to see if I could help her with her goals. She said she wanted to lose weight, add muscle tone, get...

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